What is a Medical Home?

Foundation Pediatrics is currently in the process of certification by The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) commended as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) want children, youth, and families across the country to know that EVERY CHILD and YOUTH deserves a Medical Home.

A Medical Home is the way care is provided to your child/youth and your family. At the core of a Medical Home is a knowledgable, compassionate health care provider and care team chosen by a patient and their family to take care of a child/youth`s health needs.

What is the PROVIDER`s role in the Medical Home?

Knows the health history of your child/youth;
Listens to your concerns and needs, as well as those of your child/youth;
Follows up with any other health care providers your child receives care from;
Works in partnership with you to make sure that the medical and non-medical needs of your child/youth and family are met;
Creates a trusting, collaborative relationship with you and your child/youth;
Develops a care plan with you and your child/youth when needed;
Respect and honors your culture and traditions;

What is the PARENT`s role in the Medical Home?

Think of us as the first place to contact regarding your child`s healthcare needs including physical, developmental, emotional, referrals to speciality doctors, and community resources.

At every visit please update your doctor to any changes in your child`s medical history.
Think about the following questions. Since your last visit to the doctor has your child:

  • Visited the ER?
  • Had any labwork done not ordered by your doctor?
  • Had any X-rays or other radiology tests done not ordered by your doctor?
  • Been admitted to the hospital?
  • Been treated by a specialist?
  • Taken any new medications not prescribed by your provider?
  • Taken any over the counter medications?
  • Taken any herbal medications?
  • Remember your first point of contact should always be us.

Please call us with any questions and concerns prior to utilizing the emergency room, urgent care facilities, or other healthcare facilities.

We are available 24/7. You may contact us by the following methods:

  • During regular office hours Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm, you may contact us by phone at 973-552-2800.
  • For after hour care, Monday through Friday, weekends, and major holidays, you may contact the office at 973-552-2800 and you will be able to speak to our on-call.
  • You may also use the patient portal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including holidays, weekends, and after hours for secure NON-urgent messages. Login to the Patient Portal

Important note: All portal requests/messages will be answered during regular office hours. Without any exceptions medication refills, appointment requests, form requests, and referral requests will only be completed during normal office hours.

Please contact us during normal office hours for routine medication refills and appointment requests.

Good care requires a partnership between your family and our office.
We appreciate your help and look forward to serving as your child`s Medical Home.